About Duramax Performance Blog

Welcome to the Duramax performance blog, where everything is Duramax performance, all the time. I will post on a wide range of topics including, exhaust, air intakes, programmers, turbos, gauges, transmission upgrades, and more.

I’ll also try to find some great videos that have Duramax trucks in action, and post them here. If you’re in the market to upgrade your Duramax, you have probably noticed there are thousands and thousands of products to choose from. From mild to absolutely wild, there are Duramax performance parts for just about everything and everyone.

This really depends on the individual needs of the driver. If you are just looking to show off once in a while, then you could probably just add a programmer. But if you are going to haul with your rig, there is of course a few more steps you should take.

Let’s take a look at the most popular upgrades to increase your performance. Exhaust system. The stock exhaust systems on these trucks use small diameter piping and usually have tight bends and odd kinks in them.

This is a major restriction in air flow out of the motor and impedes the exhaust flow. This is wasted energy, and with a performance exhaust system, it frees up some extra power that would otherwise be used to push the gases out.

It also reduces overall exhaust gas temperatures, which will aid in the longevity of your Duramax diesel. A good aftermarket system will have mandrel bends and very few turns which helps your engine produce more power and run more efficiently. Air intake.

The stock air intake by design is very restrictive. The actual design of the filter box as well as the stock paper filter can rob your engine of power. There are a lot of aftermarket companies that offer complete kits to replace the whole factory unit.

These units will outflow the stock units by a tremendous amount and will allow your engine to operate more efficiently and be able to produce more usable power. Performance programmer. After you have your Duramax flowing air in and out, it is time to add more fuel.

This is accomplished by using some type of programmer. Now there are many different types of programmers on the market, and many different power levels to choose from. Some offer five or six different power levels and can be adjusted on the fly, and others just hook into the computer and rewrite its operating parameters.

But basically these tell the on board computer to add more fuel, increase boost, optimize timing, increase transmission line pressure and so on. These are 3 of the most popular methods to increase your Duramax performance.